Helping Small Business Owners, Aspirational Couples & Individuals

Accumulate Experiences & Manage Finances

The challenges we solve...

Creating wealth is important, we help our clients build it with purpose and manage it correctly.

Our expert, people-focused financial planning helps to solve these challenges

You have complex financial arrangements that are confusing you and causing worry

You don’t know how you are ever go to retire comfortably

You are fearful of wasting the time you have left despite the hard work that got you here

If this is you

Aged 40+

An individual or couple who are retired or planning for life after work

Have a net worth of $1m+

You have worked hard, saved diligently and have over $1 million of assets (excluding property)

Looking for guidance

Your retirement is too important to trust traditional financial advice because you deserve more

that’s where we come in

We understand that thinking about life after work can fill you with a lot of anxiety, fear and uncertainty, but also joy and excitement.


No one should let the emotional challenges stop them from enjoying the rewards of life after work.

What we do

Our approach provides you and your family with the following:

Build you a plan

By talking about and planning for the future, you become comfortable with uncertainty and that helps create a more understandable future for you and your family.

Reduce uncertainty

We plan to avoid nasty surprises, avoid the big errors and mistakes, and let the boring become treasured!

Give you confidence

We ensure that through education, you will gain confidence that no matter what, you will achieve your goals.


We consolidate, organise and simplify so you are always in control of your money and how you are going to spend it.

Help find purpose

We deal with the cross roads of enough versus more and align money & time with what’s most important to you.

Make work optional

Our financial planning makes work optional sooner, so you can focus more on your retirement plans.

What our Clients say


Engender trust & confidence

“Justin and Ray are like family. They respond to any request immediately and engender trust & confidence in their decision making. We would highly recommend their services.”

Rod & Barb

Trusted and responsive

“Trusted and responsive family guys, who provide good insights to both the local and overseas equity markets, and also assist where required, in your financial planning needs.”

Robyn & Brad

Understand my needs

“They’re caring with my investments, and understand my needs as I age.”


Start your journey

How much do you Need for a Comfortable Retirement?

Complimentary but priceless…

Experience tells us, a 30 minute discovery call about the important stuff like…. your life, your family and your dreams – is enough to change your life and the way you think about, manage and grow your wealth. 

Contact us for your complimentary discovery session in Sydney or Bowral.

Your Advisers

Justin Mulcahy – CFP®

Ray Lenton – MeSIAA®


Our Client Advice Process

Your financial journey will begin with a 5 step process.
We will develop your options & strategies and will provide you with a path to achieving what is most important to you!

Client Discovery Meeting

Define your Financial Goals

You don’t know where you’re going unless you have a map. The Define step is the creation of this map.

Your financial goals should be:

Clearly defined, and
Set in a timeline

Once it’s complete, it will be documented.

Gathering Financial Information

Fact Finding

We can only help you if you’ve provided us with the information we need.

This includes:

Asset & Liabilities

Adjustments in your plan will have to be made as the circumstances in your life change.

Analysing your Financial Position

Your Financial Profile

Based on the the information you provide, we will construct your financial profile.

We will provide you with a number of ratios to help you better  understand your financial situation, including what is working and what needs improvement.

You attitude, tolerance and capacity for risk are assessed using a psychometrically designed risk tolerance questionnaire in relation to investment assets. This also analysed to assess your asset allocation for investment or income goals.

Presenting your Financial Plan

Statement of Advice

As the information in step 2 is assessed and the overall analysis is completed in step 3, step 4 involves orienting your financial plan in a way that meets your financial goals outlined in step 1.

This is all based on a number of factors, including:

Your annual cash flow report
Your annual consolidated tax calculations
Your net worth statement

We will present in writing our recommendations, we will go over and discuss this ‘Statement of Advice’ and, once everything looks to be in place, we will both sign off on it.

Implementation and Annual Review

Implementation & Reviews

Once the analysis and development of the plan is complete, we will outline the recommended courses of action. 

We will carry out the recommendations and serve as your financial coach, coordinating the process with you and other professionals as needed.

Financial planning is a dynamic on-going process that requires continuous monitoring. Review of the actions recommended in the plan will take place regularly, your goals will be reviewed annually by us, to take account of any change in income, asset values, business or family circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?
We calculate the cost based on how much work we do for you. A typical one-off project will cost between $3,500 – $10,000 based on the help that you need. Some of these costs may be paid out of superannuation.

How do financial advisors get paid? 
All staff at Intrinsic Private Wealth are remunerated by salary, with Directors also remunerated via distributions or profit share. We do not use products where commissions or any form of conflicted remuneration is paid.

Do you guys do everything for me?
ng with us is a partnership where we each have responsibilities. We hold the knowledge and will run the wealth system. There are however, some activities we can’t do on your behalf, which we’ll need to get you to do.

Do you have any affiliations with banks?
No, we are an independent, family owned & run business that does not have an affiliation with any bank. We have our own Australian financial services licence through MTR International Pty Ltd as trustee for the MTR International Unit Trust T/A Intrinsic Private Wealth (IPW), authorised representatives of Intrinsic Private Wealth Management Pty Ltd (AFSL NO. 480872).

Where can Justin & Ray meet you for meetings? 
We have offices in Sydney & Bowral, and we can of course meet via an online meeting or come to you where appropriate.

Can I trust a financial adviser?
Great question. To build trust in an adviser, as with as any relationship, you need to spend time together. Before we ask for a financial commitment, we’ll have at least three conversations with you first, where we’ll seek to understand if we are a good fit, understand what you are trying to achieve in life and present back what we can do, as well as the associated costs.

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