Bespoke Financial Planning

We'll help you to create a financial path for your future...

Welcome to Intrinsic Private Wealth. We provide exceptional financial planning solutions tailored to each individual.

We will help you to visualise, design and build your perfect financial future.

We use leading Australian software and a process that has helped many others before to build a financial plan for your future that leaves nothing to chance.

We will focus on you as a person, we’ll ask you a lot of questions. We’ll take the time to understand where you want to go in life, your big plans and your dream retirement.

We will take you through each step, and help you to understand what can be achieved from the financial resources available to you.

We will then create a financial plan to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the process, you will have a clear plan that stretches decades into the future.

VisualiseYour life is presented in a full as a series of key goals & objectives you want to achieve.

Design Plan decades in advance and make changes to anything that stops you living the life you want.

Build Use your financial assets to create a sustainable future, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy life today.

When clients have their own WealthMap, they often talk of feeling less anxious and more in control.

Life is for living and we encourage clients to find their own unique balance between living for today and planning for tomorrow.

Goals Based Advice

You want advice that’s relevant and meaningful to you.

We believe the most effective way of achieving your goals is to start a goals based conversation.

By placing your goals front and centre, you will be constantly remined of the ‘why’ that’s driving you, giving you a greater sense of control over your future.

Our complimentary WealthMap helps you explore your life goals. It builds a snapshot of your financial foundations to help create your life plan.

Click on the button above to start your WealthMap journey.


Interactive online discovery process. Highly visual ‘gamified’ experience that allows you to utilise your mobile device, no more boring forms


Interactive financial planning. You can explore possibilities, you can test future combinations of advice strategies, goals, ‘trade offs’ and ‘what if” scenarios 


Build a picture easily. Once finished you can instantly view a ‘picture’ of your financial situation, including your goals the likelihood you’ll achieve them in real time, all on your mobile device

Our Process

Client-centred financial planning can be a life changing and fulfilling experience for you and your family. We have a four-step process.


We listen to your requirements and you can ask lots of questions about us and the service we provide. Meetings usually take place at a convenient location for you.


We will begin to design a bespoke plan for you through an award winning software service that creates your very own personalised WealthMap. This will provide a framework that we will return to for many years.


In order to achieve your aims, it is likely that you will need to invest, although this is not always the case. If so, we will likely introduce you to our internal investment management team.


If you engage with our annual service, we will talk to you regularly and we are always available throughout the year. And, at least annually, we will sit down together and review your goals & objectives and will update your WealthMap.

You can also monitor your progress 24/7 via our client portals.

What our Clients Say

Engender trust & confidence

“Justin and Ray are like family. They respond to any request immediately and engender trust & confidence in their decision making. We would highly recommend their services.”

Rod & Barb

Trusted and responsive

“Trusted and responsive family guys, who provide good insights to both the local and overseas equity markets, and also assist where required, in your financial planning needs.”

Robyn & Brad

Understand my needs

“They’re caring with my investments, and understand my needs as I age.”


Hear more from our Certified Financial Planner, Justin Mulcahy

We can also help you With...

Investment Management

Grow and manage your investments:

  • Global Investment Focus
  • Asset Allocation
  • Exchanged Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • Managed securities
  • Consolidated portfolio & reporting

Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Make the most of your hard work:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax contribution services
  • Self-managed Super Funds (SMSF)
  • Tax effective retirement income streams

Budget & Cashflow Management

Watch your pennies, accumulate and save:

  • Budget management strategies
  • Debt reduction
  • Expense analysis

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Plan, accumulate and protect your family:

  • Intergenerational wealth management strategies
  • Establishing beneficiaries
  • Charitable foundations and philanthropic management
  • Business succession planning
  • Insurance – personal & business risk

Investment Management

We’re privately owned and licensed. We are not associated with any bank or institution, which means the investment recommendations we put forward are independently selected to suit your goals and objectives.

We are not static advisers. We keep up to date with the changes in your life and are constantly monitoring changes in all market conditions, so that we can assist you make smart decisions with your money if and when your life changes or when opportunities present themselves.

We are not ‘Traders’. We will help you to avoid common mistakes that lead to investor underperformance or increase investor risk, such as chasing top-performing market darlings. We will keep you focused on your long term orientations and your overall wealth objectives.

Our service is not suited to those who want short term or one-off financial advice. Our service is for those wanting to develop a relationship with a trusted financial team over the long term. ​

Global Investment Focus

How do we Invest your money?

We are Value Investors, that means we are selective allocators of capital.

We balance risk and return by thoroughly researching and implementing diversified portfolios aimed at protecting, preserving and growing your assets.

Once we have determined your risk profile and developed your investment strategy, we will typically recommend either an Individually Managed Account (IMA) or a Separately Managed Account (SMA) or a combination of both, which we will invest directly into globally listed companies that trade on International Stock Exchanges: ASX, NYSE & Nasdaq etc, that have a sustainable advantage over their competitors that enable them to earn superior returns, allowing them to expand their business in the same profitable manner.

We seek to own these businesses over the long-term and allow the compounding effect of a high return on equity (ROE) to work towards increasing the shareholders equity and value over time.

Our Advisers

Justin Mulcahy

Co-Founder & CEO
Certified Financial Planner ®
Head Financial Planning

Ray Lenton

Co-Founder & CIO
Lead Portfolio Manager

Service Offerings

Portfolio Management Service

Managing an investment portfolio is a time consuming task. Successful investment management requires constant attention and accurate up-to-date information in order to make informed decisions. Intrinsic Private Wealth provides a range of portfolio management services to suit our clients varying needs. These services relieve you of the administrative burden of personally managing your investments. They assist you to better manage your tax position and most importantly provide ongoing professional management aimed at enhancing your portfolio performance.

What’s include:

  • regular portfolio reviews
  • ongoing management of your portfolio
  • proactive investment advice
  • ability to consider the tax position of each investment decision
  • corporate actions advice
  • implementing all investment transactions (e.g. dealing with new issues, takeovers, redemptions etc.)
  • collection of correspondence and recording of all investment income and expenses
  • maintaining capital gains tax records
  • Provision of quarterly Portfolio Valuation & Performance Reports
  • Ongoing education, including provision of a weekly newsletter and an invitation to our annual client event.
Wealth Management Service

Our Strategic and Comprehensive Wealth Management advisory service package is about ensuring that all aspects in your life are in order and on track to help you protect and grow your wealth.

This service is designed for those who have established financial foundations, maybe your affairs have become somewhat complex, and you are looking to take that next step. We have the expertise to ensure that no stones are left unturned when it comes to giving you strategy recommendations and investment advice to put you ahead of the pack, no matter how complicated your affairs are.

What’s included?

  • Automatic access to the features of the Portfolio Management service package.
  • A formal, comprehensive annual review of your strategies and investment portfolio, which includes a meeting with your adviser as well as the preparation and presentation of an updated financial plan based upon your changed financial circumstances, updated goals and any changes to legislation if required.
  • Tailored advice to help you achieve your personal goals, including advice on:
  • effective tax management
  • asset and lifestyle protection
  • retirement planning
  • estate planning
  • social security
  • aged care
  • debt reduction/elimination
  • helping your children/gifting to family
  • investments – tactical asset allocation (research shows that this is a bigger determinant of investment returns than individual investment selection).
  • Preparation of a Financial Model when there are significant changes in your circumstances.
  • Provision of a half-yearly update of your portfolio.
  • Referrals to other quality professionals i.e. lawyer, accountant, etc with the ability to liaise with them on your behalf.
  • Ongoing contact with your investment portfolio manager & financial planner.

Business Advisory Services

Our financial planning team are experts in what we call ‘the overlap’. It’s the space where personal financial planning and business planning intersect, where we help you balance your family life and business life. And because we work for you, instead of commissions, we’re able to help you create a financial plan that spans the overlap with total objectivity. A personal and business financial plan to grow and exit or sell your business on your terms. A plan that’s all about your life goals.

Think of our financial advisers as your CFO. When you have our financial advisers on your team, it’s like having a highly experienced, highly motivated chief financial officer by your side. The personalised, business advice you need is just a call away, all year round.

No commissions. No hourly rates. No off-the-shelf solutions. And no doubt that the personal and financial planning advice we provide is 100% in your best interests.

What’s included?

  • Business growth planning
  • On business board meetings with set agendas
  • Structuring advice
  • Referrals to other quality professionals i.e. lawyer, accountant, etc with the ability to liaise with them on your behalf
  • Succession and Exit Planning
  • Advice with selling your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?
We calculate the cost based on how much work we do for you. A typical one-off project will cost between $3,500 – $10,000 based on the help that you need. Some of these costs may be paid out of superannuation.

After the project can I continue to work with you?
bsolutely. Around 80% of our clients ask for continued support to manage their financial strategies and help in achieving financial security. You can learn more.

Do you guys do everything for me?
ng with us is a partnership where we each have responsibilities. We hold the knowledge and will run the wealth system. There are however, some activities we can’t do on your behalf, which we’ll need to get you to do.

Do you have any affiliations with banks?
No, we are an independent, family owned & run business that does not have an affiliation with any bank. We have our own Australian financial services licence through MTR International Pty Ltd as trustee for the MTR International Unit Trust T/A Intrinsic Private Wealth (IPW), authorised representatives of Intrinsic Private Wealth Management Pty Ltd (AFSL NO. 480872).

Can I trust a financial adviser?
Great question. To build trust in an adviser, as with as any relationship, you need to spend time together. Before we ask for a financial commitment, we’ll have at least three conversations with you first, where we’ll seek to understand if we are a good fit, understand what you are trying to achieve in life and present back what we can do, as well as the associated costs.

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